Laura codes, mentors, & speaks.

Laura has coded a range of projects, from Khan Academy's large-scale education app to business-to-business custom project management solutions. She's built a solid reputation in the Apple development community by giving dynamic, engaging technical talks worldwide.


Solid Technical Chops

Laura's fluent in Objective C and Swift; she's used Swift in production since its first release, including in large legacy Objective C projects. She's comfortable in a wide range of programming styles, working agreeably alongside old-school imperative adherents and also shipping code using varying functional reactive programming libraries.

International Public Speaking

Conference attendees appreciate the clarity, candor, and enthusiasm that Laura brings to each of her presentations; her technical talks and keynotes have informed and inspired developers around the world. 

Next-Level Communication

Laura's teams always know what she's up to, whether she's in the office or across the country. She's honed her communication skills by working remotely with high-performing teams since 2013; new colleagues remark on the surprising clarity of her PRs and status updates. She keeps things friendly & professional, whether in constructive feedback or routine office chatter.

Bias to Action

From her tenure at Khan Academy, Laura took to heart the principle that "anyone can fix anything" – so she's not afraid to crack open Sketch to update an asset or try her hand at server-side go to extend an API. She keeps these forays on track by communicating extra through the whole process, taking feedback wholeheartedly from resident experts.

Community Connection

As a strong community member, Laura volunteers with App Camp for Girls all over the U.S. and guest lectures at Ada Developers Academy in Seattle. With her wide circle of professional connections, she's within two degrees of expert input in any Apple-related domain – she can connect people and quickly get teams unstuck.

Team Mentorship

Laura's super patient and always willing to talk through why a particular practice matters. She knows well that knowledge transfer is never a one-way street, and maintains a healthy atmosphere of collaboration & mutual respect.