Hire Laura


I'm available for short-term contracts that meet these criteria:

  • Seattle-based or remote-friendly
  • 1-3 month initial commitment, with a possibility to renew
  • Total alignment with at least two of the qualities I'm asking of a long-term gig

I may be open to long-term projects; if these traits describe your team, let's talk!

  • Your company values professional growth–and shows it by covering conference expenses and budgeting team time for learning.
  • You measure your project's real-world impact as seriously as your in-app metrics; whether in health goals, learning enrichment, or meaningful social interactions, you focus on helping people in their everyday walking-around lives.
  • You can introduce me to once-junior devs who've grown into senior roles over their tenure at your company.
  • Your company's leaders can speak at length on ways that formal management training and mentorship have helped them excel in their management roles.
  • You work efficiently with remote team members–whether someone lives across the country or is just home waiting for a cable repair, you've got predictable communication patterns and reliable remote-friendly tech.
  • Especially if your company is medium to large sized, you can tell me an anonymized story about a time you handled a serious behavior issue. (It happens everywhere! So here, I'm asking for evidence that you've got the skills to address toxicity before it affects the team.)
  • Your company compensates people enough that it's easy to turn down incoming offers that are less inspiring but highly paid. (I'll turn them down, but I want to sleep soundly afterwards, too.)